Glide allows you to invite up to four buyers or four sellers on a single transaction, all of whom can be invited to completed a single set of forms.  Here's how it works.   

  • All of the buyers and sellers will receive an identical invitation to login to Glide and complete forms
  • You can include multiple transaction parties with the same email address.  They will share a login to complete a single set of forms, but when you send forms for signature, they will appear as different parties.  
  • By clicking on that invitation, each of buyer or seller will have the ability to login and enter responses into Glide.  
  • If buyers or sellers login separately, they will see each others answers and have the ability to overwrite them.  
  • If two buyers or sellers login separately and both alter the form within a 10 minute time window, we will alert them that this may cause unexpected conflicts (this is extremely uncommon).  
  • When the forms are completed and submitted for review, you will generate a single set of documents for all parties.  

Adding multiple sellers to the forms packet

Use the recipients screen to add as many as four buyers or sellers to your transaction. 

Adding additional buyers and sellers later

If you forget to invite a buyer or seller when you first request forms you can always add one later.  

1. Select the relevant forms packet

2. Select "Invite" upon clicking the drop down icon across the Client’s name


3. Select "Add Party"

4. Add the information & select to "Invite to transaction"

5. Review email invitation and select "Add" to confirm.

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