Flagging a question for review is a tool that allows sellers to notify their agents of any issues they may have answering a question.

Flagged questions are sent to the agent when the seller submits the completed forms.

(1) To flag a question, answer the question to the best of your ability then select "Flag for Review" as indicated by this icon

(2) Write your question for your agent and select "Save"

Your statement will then be saved below the question for your agent to review

(3) Finish this form by selecting "Save and Continue" then complete the next form by selecting "Go to Next Form"

(4) Once you've competed all the forms in your forms packet, click "Submit Forms" to your agent for review, or take a moment to review/edit your responses before submitting them

(5) Once you select to "Submit Forms" you will receive confirmation that they have been sent to your agent

(6) Your transaction will display all your flagged questions, which you can mark as resolved at any time by selecting "Resolve Flag" or you can click "Edit" to re-access the questions to revise your answers

(7) When the forms are submitted to the Agent, the flagged questions are listed in the email sent to the agent for easy review

(8) Agents then review responses and flagged questions to assess whether changes should be made before finalizing the forms

(9) If any answers need modified follow these steps

(10) Agents can also choose to "Resolve Flag" from their transaction dashboard if there is no issue with the answer provided

Once the Agent selects to "Resolve Flag" then they will be cleared from the transaction dashboard

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