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The Difference Between a Contact and a Party
The Difference Between a Contact and a Party

Invite a number of people to the transaction to complete and share documents.

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In this article, you learn about client status labels on the Details & Parties page, and how to change them.

  • If you send a party an invite to fill out disclosure forms, they are a CLIENT.

  • If you add a party to the transaction but do not send them an invite to join the transaction, they are a CONTACT who has not been invited. Contacts may be invited to the transaction at any time, in which case they will convert to a PARTY.

  • If you are using Glide's Brokerage Edition or set up team members within your account settings, they are parties that are part of your TEAM.

How to invite a Contact to the transactions

1. Go to the Glide home page and open a transaction.

2. Click Details & Parties on the left menu.

3. Click Parties to open the tab.

4. Locate the party with the CONTACT status you want to change, click the three-dot button, and select Invite.

5. Review the invite message and click Send.

  • You can edit the message (optional).

Glide sends the party an email message and changes the status to CONTACT.

  • Glide removes the Not Registered status after the party opens the email message and starts to answer questions on the disclosure forms.

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