To change an answer or continue filling out the disclosure forms after a break, sellers have THREE options for accessing their disclosure forms packet.

1 - Locate the original email invitation and click "Get Started";
2 - Ask the Agent to resend the invitation, open the email and click "Get Started"; or
3 - Log in directly to your Glide Account using your email and password.

Instructions to Agents:

Agents may direct their sellers to certain questions to make revisions using one of the following two methods - (1) Sending a unique link and (2) Placing a "Flag" on that question to utilize the Collaborative Commenting tool

Instructions to Sellers:

The easiest way for sellers to make revisions is if the Agent flags a question and provides a detailed comment about the requested change. This video demonstrated this revision process.  

If the Agent did not flag any questions for the seller, then the seller should follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

(1) After logging in, you will see the screen below. Click on the Disclosure Forms packet you wish to update. 

(2) Then click into the specific Form to edit from that packet or select "Edit" to the right of the Form title.

(3) All of the sections on that Form will appear along with any flagged questions.

(4) Review your answers by clicking into a relevant section or select "Preview PDF" to view all the the answers on the form. 

Preview mode displays as such:

You can also click into the Flagged Questions for easy access back to those specific questions: 

Unflag a prior Flagged Question if that issue is resolved

(5) You can also search for keywords to locate specific questions for revision using the search bar on the left side of the screen.

For example: Type "exhaust" into the search bar to locate this question on the TDS

(6) Modify any answer by clicking into that question, making the necessary revision then selecting "Continue" in the bottom right corner.

(7) Once all revisions have been made, click "Continue" at the top of the screen or "Save and Continue" in the bottom right corner.

(8) Click "Resubmit Forms" so that your Agent receives notification that your changes have been made.

(9) You're all set!  You and your agent will now receive emails confirming that your revisions have been submitted. 

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