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How To Change Your Email Address
How To Change Your Email Address

Add a new or backup email address to your account.

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In this article, you learn how to change the default email address associated with your Glide account. You can also add a new account and use it as a backup.

Changing the email address

1. Click the icon in the top right corner of the page and select Account settings on the drop-down menu.

2. On the left menu, click Account Preferences.

3. Next to the Email Addresses heading, enter a new email address in the field.

4. Click Add.

  • Glide adds the new email address and changes the status to Pending until confirmed.

Confirming the new email address

You need to verify the email account before you can use this address.

1. Open your email account and locate the Glide message called, Please confirm your email for Glide.

2. Click the Confirm Email button.

3. Return to the Email Addresses box on the Account Preferences page to confirm Glide removed the Pending status.

  • If you see the Pending status, refresh the page.

4. Click the three-dot button next to the new email address and select Make Default.

Glide sets the new address as the default email.

  • You can skip this step and leave the new email address's status unchanged and use it as a backup email.

Removing an email address

You can delete an email address from your account. However, you can't delete the default address.

1. Click the three-dot button next to the email address you want to delete.

2. Select Remove and then click OK in the confirmation box.

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