Glide offers live trainings at least 5 times each week to help fit your schedule.

Introduction to Glide and Disclosures

Learn how you can take the pain out of disclosures and make sure they are filled appropriately with Glide. This training covers how to use Glide for completing the AVID, PEAD-V and Client Disclosures (seller and buyer).

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Use Glide to Prepare, Fill, Send and Sign any RealtorĀ® Form in California

See how Glide now offers a full set of features to manage all your state, local and brokerage forms. Designed to be Faster, Simpler, and Safer, these new forms features are developed specifically for your real estate workflows.

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Glide Offers

Learn how to assemble a signed offer package, share offer summaries with buyers, and submit offers through Glide. As a listing agent, learn how to scan offers into Glide, obscure buyer names from offers, and generate offer comparison tables to share with clients. Additionally, you will learn how to accept, reject, and counter offers, as well as manage your detailed transaction timeline in Glide.

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Glide for Brokerages

Learn how to save time, increase compliance, and impress your clients with a modern experience with Glide. Glide combines forms, eSignatures, collaboration, and compliance into a single user-friendly platform for Brokers. Join us to learn about Glide for Brokerages and the transaction management features available to you.

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Glide Mobile

Learn how to utilize many of the commonly used features in Glide Mobile while on the go. This training is a comprehensive high level overview of the Glide Mobile application which includes how to download and sign into Glide Mobile, how to create a new transaction, how to assemble and share disclosures packages, how to fill and send forms for eSignature, and how to create, manage, negotiate, and accepts offers.

ATTENTION - PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: Before attending the Glide Mobile training, you should have already attended or watched a recording of the Introduction to Glide and Disclosures training, the Use Glide to Prepare, fill, send, and sign any REALTORĀ® form in California training, and the Glide Offers training. If you have not attended or watched any of the prior trainings, we would highly recommend reviewing those trainings first before attending this Glide Mobile training. This training is intended to be a high level overview of the Glide Mobile application and commonly used features only.

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Getting started on Glide is as easy as reading these four articles.

  1. Creating a Glide account

  2. Inviting clients to complete their disclosure forms

  3. Generating final PDFs

  4. Completing PEAD-V forms on Glide

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