Once you invite your client to complete a disclosure packet your client(s) will receive an email invitation from you asking them to begin completing their forms

(1) Client must click on the "Get Started" button in the email to begin completing their disclosure forms

(2) Client must type in a password - This is necessary for Client to re-access forms to make changes to submitted answers or to continue working on the packet at a later time

(3) Client clicks "Start Forms"

(4) Client is directed to begin their disclosure forms packet by clicking "Continue"

(5) Client is instructed on how Glide will assist them to complete the forms 

(6) Client is instructed on their legal duty to provide full disclosure and best practices for completing disclosure forms

(8) Client Agrees to these terms

(9) Client selects "Get Started" to begin completing their disclosure forms

(10) Client answers all questions for the first form and continues onto the next forms (if any) by selecting "Go to Next Form"

(11) Once Client has completed all required forms they are prompted to "Submit Forms" to the agent for review

(12)  Client can click back into the form to edit it at any time and resubmit their revised answers

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