Glide turns the more complicated client-facing disclosure forms into a smart tool with guided assistance and compliance checks along the way, as you can view here

If you have simple documents that only require basic information and signature, many of our users will upload them after the client completes the Glide documents, by following these instructions.

1. Upload Documents to the Transaction's "Documents" section by clicking "Add Documents" and identifying the source if its from your Computer/Zipform Plus/Docusign.

2. CA agents: Import directly from ZipForm by following the instructions HERE

3. Use Docusign

Glide offers a built-in DocuSign integration that you can use to quickly send completed forms and add additional forms for completion and signature.  

Select the forms packet under the Documents section and click “E-sign

Connect your Docusign account and "Accept" permissions (if it is your first transaction using Docusign on Glide)

Select the completed Glide Forms to include and add any additional required forms by selecting "Add Documents" and adding them to the Docusign packet.

Once all Forms are uploaded, add the Recipient to the Docusign envelope and select "Continue"

If you forgot to add a document, you have another chance here to upload documents into the Docusign packet.

The Recipient's information and your message are auto-populated into the Docusign request that you are accustomed to. Click "Next", review the signature tabs and send. 

4. Use zipForm & Digital Ink

You can also open your zipForm® transaction, add additional documents and send forms for signature using Digital Ink.

Select the completed forms packet from within your zipForm account.

Select the relevant task from the list of options on the right side of the screen - Add documents from the zipForm Forms Library or send the packet for signature.

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