There are a couple reasons you may have received this error notification when trying to generate your PDFs in zipForm®:

(1) Your zipForm® or Local Association form access is lapsed

Problem: C.A.R. and Local Associations (e.g. SDAR, SRAOR) own the forms you are trying to access, and Glide cannot provide you with the forms unless authorized via zipForm® sync.

For example: The 403 Forbidden notice below states "Missing zipForm® Plus Library: SDAR" meaning that the SDAR form library is not available to this zipForm® account.

Solutions: To generate a local form, contact the Association listed on the error message to verify active membership status. To generate C.A.R. forms, contact zipForm to reactivate your account to gain permissions to the C.A.R. forms library.

(2) The Zipform transaction is locked from changes

Problem: You received the notice stating --> 403 Forbidden: Transaction may be locked, user may not have write access to this transaction or library license is expired.

Solution: Select for Glide to "Create New Transaction" instead of linking to the existing ZipForm transaction, or update the ZipForm transaction to enable edits for Glide to add documents into the transaction.

(3) You changed your BRE / NRDS number on zipForm®

Solution: You will need to unlink and then link your account again.

(4) You have a TC Brokerage Edition ZipForm account and have not added a licensed agent to the transaction in ZipForm

Solution: You will need to add a licensed agent to the transaction in ZipForm.

(5) You are trying to generate the Residential Earthquake Hazards Report, but have not yet setup permissions to access this form within zipForm® 

Solution: Since the Residential Earthquake Hazards Report is part of the ePUBS®  forms library, it is not automatically placed in your C.A.R. forms library where you typically find other popular forms, such as the TDS & SPQ. 

You must select to add the ePUBS® library to your zipForm® account in order to generate the Residential Earthquake Hazards Report. ePUBS® is available for free in your zipForm® Library Forms drop-down menu, in the Forms Manager.

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