1. Select the transaction that you wish to send for signature

2. Locate the completed Seller Disclosures ready for signature

3. Click the downward icon under Seller Disclosures to view the drop down list and select "E-sign".

Glide's Docusign Integration: Auto-Tabbing Signatures, Dates and Initials

4. Select "Docusign" or "Digital Ink" and then follow the appropriate directions below.

5. Prepare the Docusign envelope as you normally would and click "Continue" to sign in to Docusign.

Important: To benefit from Glide's automatic signature tabs placement, make sure to select the option to "Automatically add signatures tabs" and to add the recipients with their roles

Here you have another opportunity to add additional forms, edit your message or add Parties that you may have missed. Click "Next" in the upper right corner.

You will see the signatures, initials and date tabs auto-populate into the correct locations.

Select "Send" in the upper right corner

How to Use zipForm's Digital Ink For Signatures:

You can always send the completed PDFs in your zipForm account out for signature using zipForm's free Digital Ink tool if you do not have a Docusign account

"Sign in zipForm Plus" then select the documents to send for signature

Click "Next" to go through the process of preparing and sending the packet for signature

For additional assistance, review zipForm's Help Guide that explains how to use Digital Ink.

Note: Digital Ink is not a feature within Glide, it is within zipForm, so Glide's auto-tabbing signatures tool will not work. 

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