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How To Preview the Client Experience in Glide as an Agent or TC
How To Preview the Client Experience in Glide as an Agent or TC

You don't need to sign up for a client account to see how Glide works - check it out here!

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Here is a video featuring the client experience:

To test out the seller experience for completing the TDS & SPQ, click here

Below is a series of screenshots that walk you through the demo experience

1. Click on "Start Demo"

Below are the series of screens that your seller will proceed through when completing their actual forms packet

3. The first form packet appears for the client to "Continue" for the Introduction

4. The Disclosure Advisory is already included and click "I Accept"

5. You can now start to Gather any relevant documents, Walk through the property and How to get help.

6. Fill out the details to See how it works and "Begin" filling out the forms.

7. Glide instructs the seller about their duties to disclose features about their property before continuing to the questions 

8. Sellers answer a series of questions. Based on their responses only relevant questions will be asked and all irrelevant questions will automatically be marked with the correct answer.

9. Sellers will see two icons along the way that may assist them in completing their disclosure forms by allowing them to Flag for Review or learn more about the item in question.

For example: 

10. If the seller fails to answer a question, it will be marked as an "Fix (number) Issue" to be fixed before submitting the answers back to the Agent/TC

11. Once all questions in this form have been answered, the seller can review their answers again or "Continue" on to the next form.

12. Seller receives confirmation that this form is complete, but there are more forms awaiting completion

13. Seller selects to "Get Started" on the next form, and again goes through a series of questions based on their prior answers

14. Once complete, seller may review their answers then "Continue" to the submission page.

15. Seller may select to "Submit Forms" for Agent/TC review or select to revise their answers

16. Once Seller submits their answers, the Agent/TC will receive an email notification prompting them to review the answers and generate the PDFs.

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