1. To begin, click the "New Transaction" button in the upper right corner

2. Create a transaction by either (1) Importing from zipForm (CA only) or 2) entering the property address

3. (CA only) If importing from zipForm, choose which zipForm account you'd like to use on this transaction by selecting from the dropdown menu of saved accounts under "Choose an account" or select to add a new zipForm account.

After selecting the transaction, click "yes" to confirm the information

Identify the stage of your transaction

4. Add the listing agent (if it is not you)

If you indicate you are not the listing or purchase agent, you will automatically be added as part of the listing team or purchase team, depending on the transaction.

To edit this, click the ellipsis icon and select "edit"

5. Once the transaction is setup, you can click into it and begin a workflow, such as "Request Seller Disclosures."

6. To view the Disclosure Packet's details, including parties and recent activity, click into the transaction's "Seller Disclosures" workflow and navigate using the left side.

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