Did you know that Sellers can access their Disclosure Forms packets to make revisions at any time? Agents, you can help your sellers by directing them to the answers that need revised! Here's how...

1. From the Home Screen, select the proper Disclosure Forms packet.

2. Once inside the packet, you will see a list of forms. If your seller flagged any questions, you will see them as well.

3. You can click into each form to see the client's answers. 

4. If an answer needs to be revised, click into the relevant section inside the form and locate that specific question. 

You have two options for notifying the seller: Flagging the question or copying the link.

To flag the question, click the "Flag for Review" icon and leave a note.

Otherwise, click "Copy Link" to copy a link to the question to your clipboard.

5. If you copied the link, open your email app and compose a new email to your seller. Share this link with your Seller by pasting it in your email. You can do this by pressing CTRL+V on Windows, and CMD+V on MacOS.

Example  for Gmail:

6. When your client makes changes, they will be reflected in real time in the packet page. It is recommended that you wait until the client resubmits their form prior to generating the PDF, though you can generate the PDF at any time.

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