Email Notification

Once your client has completed all the forms in the form packet and submitted their responses, you will be notified via email that responses are ready for review.  

  • The Packet Creator always receives this notification, and if there is a Listing Agent with an active Glide account they will also receive the notification.  

Click the "Generate PDFs" link in the email notification

You can also login to Glide and select the transaction to check its status and/or begin the review process even before the seller submits a response.

Review responses and flagged questions

There are two ways to review responses:

1. You can select "Preview PDF" to view the seller's answers transposed onto the forms and then use the right-side column to leave the seller a comment.

2. You can review the seller's answers, section by section, by clicking directly into the forms packet, and this will display any and all flagged questions. 

Requesting Revisions

In this case you may communicate with your seller via phone, email, in person, share a unique link to that question to direct your seller to revise an answer or use Glide's Collaborative Commenting to communicate necessary changes to the client directly within the Glide form. 

Please note that not all our partners have opted to provide Collaborative Commenting as a member benefit. Please read more about the member benefit features

Client view when editing responses

Your seller can log in to Glide at any point to resubmit their responses if needed. They can do this by clicking on the name of the form they wish to edit, navigating to the correct question, updating their response, then returning to the overview screen to resubmit the forms to you. 

If you shared a link with your seller or flag the question using Glide's Collaborative Commenting feature then it will automatically direct the seller to those specific questions, as shown in the video below.

Client view when resubmitting forms

In order to receive notification that the forms have been revised, your seller will need to click the "Resubmit Forms" button.

Agent view when receiving resubmitting forms

Agents and TCs will be notified of any submitted changes from their seller, as well as any unsubmitted changes that the seller still needs to submit.

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