Collaborative commenting allows agents and clients to communicate back-and-forth within Glide in order to resolve questions. Agents can respond inline to their clients' questions and retain a full correspondence log for each disclosure packet. 

Communicating with Clients

First, the Agent or TC can respond to the seller(s) directly within a specific question when reviewing submitted answers in order to request revisions from the seller(s). 

(1) Simply hover your cursor over the relevant question and select "Flag for Review"

(2) Enter in your comment and check the "Notify Filler(s)" box

(3) Select "Flag"

Note: If there are many questions that you intend to "Flag" then you can leave the "Notify Filler(s)" box unchecked. At the end there will be an option to send all the flagged comments together in one notification email. 

Responding to a Seller's Flagged Question

When sellers have difficulty answering a question, they can "Flag" it for review and send the Agent and/or TC a question (as explained in more detail here).

Use Collaborative Commenting to respond to a seller directly below the flagged question.

(1) Click into the "Reply" box

(2) Enter in your comment and check the "Notify Filler(s)" box

(3) Select "Save"

Client View

Clients will receive email notifications informing them of the comments you made.

When a client logs into their account and clicks into the disclosure packet, they'll immediately see the comments and will be able to make modifications to their answers, respond to the comment and "Resolve the Flag."

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