Why do my forms say "PREVIEW"?

Glide displays a PREVIEW watermark on a form until you verify your approved access to this restricted document.

CA realtors

Glide removes the PREVIEW watermark after you sync your Glide account to your C.A.R. account. This step is required to receive the final PDF because Glide has to verify your current access to the CAR forms library (a restricted form library). 

Without verified C.A.R. credentials, Glide does not have the authority to release a final PDF of the form to you. 

Verifying credentials

CA realtors

When you create a transaction, you can verify your C.A.R credentials at that time. You can also delay verification until later. This makes a difference!

If you do not verify your C.A.R credentials, Glide displays a message.

If verification is delayed, you will receive notices such as the following:

  • Agents cannot send forms to clients for e-signature until membership is verified

  • Agents cannot generate PDFs for completed forms until membership is verified

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