Why do my forms say "PREVIEW"?

The simple answer is that Glide still needs to verify your approved access to this restricted form; until then the forms will display as a PREVIEW.

CA REALTORS: Syncing to ZipForm is required to receive the final PDF because Glide has to verify your current access to the CAR forms library (a restricted form library). 

If you have not yet connected the Glide transaction to ZipForm then Glide does not have authority to release a final PDF of the form until you do so. 

This is why the current version available to you says "sample." 

How do I receive forms without "PREVIEW" on it?

CA REALTORS: When you create a transaction in Glide you have the option to sync it to a ZipForm transaction at that time or delay syncing until after the client submits a response. This makes a difference!

  • If you connect a Glide transaction to a zipForm transaction when creating the transaction in Glide, then the completed PDF will be emailed to you right when the seller submits a response because you've already verified your zipForm access.
  • If you delay syncing the transaction until after the client submits a response, you'll click the link in your confirmation email to review forms and generate the completed PDF.  "Generating PDF" is how you'll sync the Glide transaction to the relevant ZipForm transaction, as shown in the 3-minute video below.

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