The most common reason your transaction isn't showing up is that you're looking at the wrong account. Did you link your CAR account instead of your brokerage account (or vice versa)?

Otherwise, in order for the ZipForm transaction to show in Glide it must be:

  1. Created or modified less than 6 months ago: If the transaction was created over 6 months ago, simply modify the transaction and it will show.
  2. Active, Not deleted in ZipForm
  3. For zipForm Team Edition, you must be party to the transaction (please contact us if you have a zipForm team edition admin account)

Solution #1:
Use the search bar on the same page to search by address or buyer/seller name. This will search all transactions in your zipForm account. Please allow a few seconds for the search results to finish loading.

Solution #2
You can modify the transaction you are trying to find in zipForm (for example, change the status and then change it back) to move your transaction to the top of the list in Glide.

Solution #3
To avoid this issue, you can always select for Glide to "Create a new ZipForm transaction" for the purpose of generating the completed PDFs, or you can update the file within ZipForm so that it fits the criteria above and then attempt to generate the PDF.

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