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How Sellers Locate Their Disclosure Forms within Glide
How Sellers Locate Their Disclosure Forms within Glide

If you cannot locate your packet you might be signed into the wrong account or the agent might have deleted it.

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Sellers receive an email notification when they are invited to complete disclosure forms on Glide. The email to which the invite was sent is the same email that Sellers will want to login with to access the Disclosure Packet. 

If you clicked "Begin Disclosures" and received the below notification, it is because you are currently signed into a different Glide account that is not associated with this packet.

RESOLUTION: Go to and locate the icon in the upper right corner to select "Log Out"

Once logged out of the non-associated Glide account, click "Begin Disclosures" in the email invite and the link will take you to Glide's login page to setup a password for the email to which the packet is associated. 

Click "Sign Up." You will be logged in and will be able to begin filling the Disclosure Packet.

Alternatively, if you've signed in using the correct email, but cannot locate the packet or have a dashboard without any tasks (shown below), this likely means that the agent deleted the packet after sending the invite. 

Sellers can always use the support button in the top right corner of the screen to ask about the status of their packet or to confirm whether or not it was deleted.

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