Information about the Seller's Protection Plan Plus+ policy can be found at CRES Insurance Services website here or contact a CRES account specialist directly: 

CRES Insurance Services (800) 880-2747 X 6100


1. When does my client see this option?

If you client is eligible for SPPP+, they will see an option to review plan details and request enrollment once their disclosure forms are fully completed.  

They will be asked to confirm their interest a second time before a request is generated.  The confirmation page outlines payment details as well as a cancellation and non-affiliation disclaimer as shown below:

Once an enrollment request has been processed, the listing agent and other packet recipients will be notified via email and escrow information will be requested in order to finalize enrollment.  

2. Is my client's data being shared with anyone? 

No data is shared with any third parties without the explicit consent of the seller (obtained via a request for enrollment).   The enrollment request is limited to the minimum information required to fulfill the order including client name and email and property address.   

3. Are you contacting my client prior to their enrollment?

Your client will not receive any communications regarding this program unless they issue a request to enroll via the Glide experience.  

4. How do I opt out of this for my clients? 

Listing agents can visit their account settings page or contact support@glide.com to disable this feature.  

5. How can I purchase this for my clients? 

If you'd like to purchase the plan for your seller email us at hello@glide.com and we can coordinate a purchase for you. 

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