Import standard disclosure forms and other documents directly from your zipForm® transaction.  If a document doesn’t exist yet, add it to Glide and zipForm® at the same time.  Common disclosure forms are automatically highlighted for you.   

  1. Setup the transaction

Please watch this video if you would like to learn more about setting up a transaction in Glide. 

2. Select the transaction from your list of transactions to access the Transaction Details screen

3. Under Documents section, find "Add from ZipForm Plus

If you are not currently connected to ZipForm Plus then you will initially be asked to login to your ZipForm account. Click here to learn more about connecting your ZipForm account.

Once connected, your list of available ZipForm transactions will appear for you to choose from and confirm.

4. Select the forms to import from ZipForm and select "Choose" to continue

5. Review and edit the imported Documents as needed

The documents will immediately be uploaded into this Glide transaction. Thereafter, you can follow these instructions on editing and managing the documents within the documents dashboard. 

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