Order the NHD report from the provider of your choice and receive the report back into your Glide transaction. 

(1) Click into the relevant transaction from your home screen

(2) Under your transaction's Task List, locate "Order NHD Report" and click "Start" to begin your NHD report order

(3) Select your preferred provider from the list and click "Next" to confirm the report type

(4) Select the report type and click "Next" to confirm the billing details 

(5) Add your NHD representative to notify them of your order (optional)  

You may add your usual representative to the order via email or referral code (the rep will have the unique code). 

Assign your representative as your default during your order by checking the box (shown below) or later within your account settings. 

This default is saved for all future NHD report orders from this provider, but can be updated within your account settings.

(6) Confirm or edit the billing details and click "Place Order"

(7) Receive the completed report back into the relevant Glide transaction & via email as soon as it is available

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