Glide now hosts the full C.A.R. Form library as well as the local form libraries displayed here!

But if you're looking for forms that have guided workflows on Glide to help your seller's better complete their disclosures, we offer the following guided workflows for C.A.R. and other form libraries: 

California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.)

  • [AVID] Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure
  • [TDS] Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • [SPQ] Seller Property Questionnaire
  • [ESD] Exempt Seller Disclosure
  • [FLD] Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure
  • [VLQ] Seller Vacant Land Questionnaire
  • [BIE] Buyer's Inspection Elections
  • [PSD] Parking and Storage Disclosure
  • [MHTDS] Manufactured Home and Mobile Home Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • [FIRPTA] Seller’s Affidavit of Nonforeign Status and/or California Withholding Exemption
  • [PEAD] Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration

CA Statutory

  • Residential Earthquake Risk Disclosure Statement (2020 Edition)

San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (S.F.A.R.)

  • San Francisco Seller's Supplement
  • Residential Earthquake Risk Disclosure Statement (2020 Edition)

Southland Regional Association of REALTORS® (S.R.A.R.)

  • Santa Clarita Valley Area Disclosure
  • Seller's Common Interest and Homeowners Association (HOA) Disclosure
  • Seller's Manufactured/Mobile Home Community Disclosure

Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (S.D.A.R.)

  • Seller Property Questionnaire Addendum (SPQ-A)
  • San Diego Water Conservation Certificate 


  • Disclosure Advisory
  • Property Document Collection

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