Premium Seller disclosures enhance the standard TDS & SPQ to provide a safety net to tackle issues before they arise

Benefits to Sellers:

  • Identifies and explains common and costly risk factors
  • Guides Sellers through their explanations to include the most important details
  • Warn Sellers against using risky words or diagnosing issues
  • Advises Sellers to identify sources of information and attach related documents
  • Summarizes identified risk factors for review and revision before submitting

Benefits to Agents:

  • Provides friendly guidance to sellers to eliminate client frustration and confusion
  • Results in fuller and more accurate disclosures to prevent the need for revisions
  • Identifies disclosure risk factors to add an extra layer of oversight

Overview of powerful risk management features helping to avoid costly claims!

1. PRO TIPS explain to sellers how to properly answer the question presented while recognizing often forgotten, overlooked or mistaken items

Sellers can then click "Learn More" to receive more education about their duty to disclose known material facts to buyers.

2. GUIDED EXPLANATIONS request additional details from sellers who select items known to be a common cause of post-sale disputes with buyers

For example, Sellers are prompted to provide important details about the property item that is not in operating condition.

Seller responses are then referenced nicely in the Text Overflow Addendum:

More importantly, there is no character limit, so Sellers can provide all known facts without worry.

3. COMMON ISSUE SPOTTER points out the common causes of issues, identified by experienced CA real estate attorneys, insurance providers and risk management experts

Warns Sellers about risky statements and encourages proper disclosure of facts while reducing subjective opinions.

Highlights questions on the TDS & SPQ that lead to common and/or costly post-sale disputes with buyers.


1. How do I provide my seller with Premium Seller Disclosures?

Agents can buy unlimited access to Premium Seller Disclosures by purchasing the Glide Pro plan for $300/year or $35 month-to-month (cancel at any time). The rest of the process is the same as normal: setup your transaction and send your Seller their disclosure forms (TSA & SPQ). When beginning their disclosure forms, your sellers are informed that you have provided a Premium experience with extra features to help them better disclose!

2. How can TC's access Premium Seller Disclosures?

Premium Seller Disclosures are available through the Listing Agent(s) assigned to each transaction. If your Listing Agent is a Glide Pro user, then premium forms will automatically be available on the transaction, even if the TC is not a Glide Pro user!

3. Does C.A.R approve of Premium Seller Disclosures?

Yes, Premium Seller Disclosures have been C.A.R. approved!

4. Who created Premium Seller Disclosures?

The Disclosure forms are the standard C.A.R. forms; however, this software was produced in collaboration with top real estate attorneys and risk management experts to offers the best risk management disclosure solution on the market. Many top brokerages already turn to these same legal experts for advice and guidance.

5. Is there any legal risk to using the Premium Seller Disclosures instead of the standard C.A.R. disclosures?

We know that many sellers, and thereby their agents, get into legal trouble because sellers may not understand the requirements for properly completing the TDS and SPQ. Premium Disclosures explain these risks to result in a more thorough understanding of the requirements, and more full disclosure. The standard C.A.R. TDS & SPQ are still completed by the seller on Glide! The forms themselves do not change, however, the user experience while completing the forms does change.

6. How can I learn more about the benefits that Premium Seller Disclosures provide to me and my clients?

Join us for one of our PREMIUM SELLER DISCLOSURE training webinars by registering HERE.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, please email

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