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NHD Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions
NHD Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions when you order NHD reports through Glide

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1. Will I receive my usual discount rate when I order the NHD report via Glide?

Most of our vendors honor special pricing when you place an NHD order through Glide. The discounted rate will not show automatically on the Glide screen, but the provider will receive the order party information and can apply the discount.

To make sure this works correctly, we recommend the following:

  • If you receive your discount through a rep, make sure you add them to the order and confirm with them that this is being applied after your first order.

  • If you receive your discount through a special login, make sure you include your login email under “Order Contact”

If there has been a mistake, contact your rep or the vendor directly.

2. What is the timeline when ordering an NHD Report via Glide?

Ordering your NHD report in Glide is an easy three-clicks away. After placing your order, you should expect to receive your report within 2 business days. Most reports are returned much sooner. The reports are added into your Glide transaction under the "Documents" Dashboard, as well as emailed to you directly.

3. Does Glide follow up with the NHD vendors if an order is past due?

While it is rarely needed, Glide always follows up with each NHD provider if an order for a specific transaction takes longer than 2 business days to be fulfilled to ensure proper delivery and receipt of the report. Glide does this to ensure that the report is returned directly to your Transaction Dashboard. We recommend that you reach out to the NHD provider directly, and alert Glide customer support that this order has not been fulfilled. Glide will work as fast as possible to ensure you receive a resolution.

4. Are users asked for their card information when ordering an NHD Report via Glide?

All orders are billed through escrow so you will never be asked to provide payment. If you do not know your escrow information at the time of ordering through Glide, you can skip this step for most of our providers.

5. How can an order be cancelled?

If you need to cancel an NHD order, please contact the vendor or your sales rep directly. You can find the vendor’s customer support email and phone number on your NHD ordering page or chat with our support team for additional information.

6. How can I get a copy of an invoice?

Your NHD invoice will be returned to you via email when you receive your NHD report.

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