Now Agents and Admin can quickly fill in PEAD form details and send for signatures following these simple steps!

Listing Agents, are you looking for instructions on how to send visitors the PEAD form? Click here. This article instructs the listing side on how to use Glide for PEAD.

  1. First, select "Buyer Prospects" on the upper left corner of your Glide account

2. Click "New Buyer Prospect" or "Add New Prospect"

3. Identify the Buyers Agent(s) by clicking "Add a Buyer Agent" and then selecting yourself or a team member

Glide will remember prior used contacts or you can create a new contact

4. Identify Buyers by clicking "Add a Buyer" and then selecting from your prior contacts or creating a new contact

5. Select "Fill and Sign a PEAD form" to enter all property addresses that this Buyer Prospect plans to visit

Select "Add a Property" to enter all property addresses that this Buyer Prospect plans to visit

At this point you can also add the Listing Agent's details so they receive a signed copy of the PEAD form

Select "Add a Property" again until all properties are identified, then select "Continue" once you have entered all property addresses for this Buyer Prospect

6. "Other Entrants" can also be identified, such as an inspector

Any exceptions to the representations can be specified (optional)

7. Verify your zipForm account or connect to a new account to generate the completed PDFs for signature (required)

8. Use Glide's Docusign integration to send for signatures by selecting "Send for Signature" or download the completed forms to send via email or print

Using the Docusign integration, you will click "Link Account" to enter your Docusign account credentials or select from prior saved Docusign accounts

Once selected, click "Continue" to login and send the envelope

All PEAD documents for the addresses previously entered are included within the Docusign envelope with each party identified for your final review

You will see all signature, date and initial tabs automatically placed in the relevant locations on the forms

Click "Send" for the envelopes to reach the recipients

9. Check the signature status of your PEAD forms on the "Buyer Prospect Overview" page

Documents signed via Glide's Docusign integration will automatically return to your Overview page

Still have questions? Checkout our PEAD FAQs here.

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