Now Agents and Admin can quickly fill in PEAD form details and send for signatures following these simple steps!

Buyer's Agents, are you looking for instructions on how to send prospective buyers the PEAD form? Click here. This article instructs the listing side on how to use Glide for PEAD.

1. First, click into the transaction for this property from your existing transaction list

If you have not already setup your transaction, click here to learn how.

2. Click "Fill and Sign a PEAD Form" on your Transaction Overview page

3. Choose whether you will use Glide to fill the form, or whether you are uploading a form for signature (*Fill and Sign PEAD is most popular*)

4. Identify all the Property Visitors by clicking "Add Visitor" and then entering in the details

Any exceptions to the representations can be specified as well (optional)

Glide will remember prior used contacts or you can create a new contact

Continue adding all your Property Visitors this way and select "Continue" when you are finished

5. Verify your zipForm account or connect to a new account to generate the completed PDFs for signature (required)

Occasionally, users might encounter an error message sent from ZipForm, such a 403 unauthorized error notifying users of a lapsed ZipForm account. For ZipForm timeout errors, we recommend waiting a few minutes to try again.

6. Use Glide's Docusign integration to send for signatures by selecting "Send for Signature"

You can also download the completed forms to send via email, print or use another e-signature platform

Using the Docusign integration, you will click "Link Account" to enter your account credentials or select from prior saved Docusign accounts

After the Docusign account shows as "Linked" in green, click "Continue" to login to Docusign and send the envelope with each party identified for your final review

[If you use Digital Ink, click the "I Use Digital Ink" button in blue below the Docusign logo. Digital Ink is not affiliated with Glide, but instructions on how to use Digital Ink can be found online here.]

Using Docusign, proceed with sending the envelope for signatures as normal (you are now in Docusign)

You will see all signature, date and initial tabs automatically placed in the relevant locations on the forms

Click "Send" for the envelopes to reach the recipients

7. After sending, check on all your Property Visitors and PEAD documents by using your left side navigation and selecting "Visitors (PEAD)."

You will see three options under the customized URL for your transaction: Visitor Log, PEAD Docs and PEAD Requests.

Below you can see the "PEAD Requests" button displays the status of the signature request sent via Docusign

"Generated" means the forms have not yet been sent for signature

Once the PEAD forms have been signed and executed in Docusign, Glide imports the signed version of the document back into your transaction and updates the status to "Completed."

Learn more about how you can automatically receive signed PEADs from Buyer's Agents into your Glide Listing Transaction here.

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