Frequently Asked Questions About Using Glide to Complete PEAD Forms

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1) How does PEAD work with Glide?

Glide uses your transaction details to pre-fill much of the PEAD PDF for you, and allows you or others to input details to quickly fill the rest of the form.

Checkout our step-by-step instructional articles listed below to get started!

PEAD for Listing Agents - here

PEAD for Buyers Agents - here

PEAD for MLS - here

2) Are the completed PEAD documents electronically signed in Glide?

Glide integrates with Docusign to send signature requests after the PDF is completely filled. With our Docusign integration, party details are pulled directly from the transaction and/or visitor details and automatically input into the Docusign envelope recipients page. All signature and initials tabs are automatically identified in proper placement for each signer. All you need to do is review and press send!

3) How is Glide different from zipForm?

Simply put, Glide and zipForm provide different functions. Glide automates the process for filling out the form by integrating with the MLS to gather listing details, using your pre-existing Glide transaction information (often imported from zipForm to begin with) or allowing others to put in their details. By sourcing the required information, it only take a couple clicks to have the PEAD completed in Glide, with the opportunity to fill many PEADs for the same visitor at once.

4) Why can't I use Digital Ink for PEAD signatures?

Glide's integration with ZipForm does not allow for direct access into Digital Ink. However, after generating your PEAD forms, click "Send for Signature" and then the option to connect to ZipForm will display.

After clicking here, login to ZipForm if needed and select the relevant transaction to store the PEAD PDF. Glide with import your form into the location you have selected, and then you can access ZipForm directly to finish the step for signatures.

5) As a Listing Agent, if the Buyer's Agent accesses the Glide link for PEAD from the MLS, what happens next?

After clicking the Glide link in the MLS, the Buyer's Agent is asked to input the remaining details about the prospective buyer(s) and send it to them for signature, as shown here. The Buyer's Agent has the option to include you (the Listing Agent) as a recipient of the completed form sent via email. If the Buyer's Agent sent the form for signature using Glide's Docusign integration, the completed PEAD form will automatically be placed into the Listing Agent's PEAD Documents section for this Glide Transaction, as shown below.

6) As a Listing Agent, do I need to download the PEAD PFD provided by the Buyer's Agent via the MLS listing link?

If the Buyer's Agent sent the form(s) for signature using Glide's Docusign integration, the completed PEAD form(s) will automatically be placed into the Listing Agent's PEAD Documents section for this Glide Transaction once they are signed.

If the Buyer's Agent sent the form for signature using another e-signature platform, it will not automatically show in your Glide account, unfortunately, but you will be able to download and import signed PEAD forms into your Glide Transaction to keep track.

We encourage Glide users to utilize the Docusign integration for the best experience.

7) As a TC, where can I see that the prospective buyer's completed PEAD form was sent to the listing agent?

If the Agent used Docusign for the prospective buyer to sign the forms and accessed the PEAD form from the MLS link, then it will automatically be imported into the PEADs Docs section of that transaction. We are currently working on other ways to keep TCs informed, and would love to hear your ideas and requests.

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