Opening the PEAD dashboard

The first step is to open the transaction's PEAD dashboard.

1. Click a transaction on the Glide Home page.

  • If you have not already set up your transaction, click here to learn how.

2. Click Visitors on the left menu.

  • The property's PEAD dashboard displays. It shows the Property's Visitor Log, completed PEAD Docs, and the PEAD Signature Requests log.

Sharing a link

Click the "Copy Link" button to share the PEAD form for signature.

  • Copy and share this URL directly with the Buyer's Agent or paste it on your MLS listing so Buyer's Agents can proactively access it!

This URL takes the Buyer's Agent to your listing's Property Portal. In the portal, they can access the PEAD form and request signatures from a prospective buyer.

  • For example, CRMLS allows you to post the PEAD link to look like this on the listing.

After clicking the URL, Glide takes the Buyer's Agent to your Property Portal for this transaction. Every Glide listing transaction has a unique Property Portal from which PEAD forms can be completed and signed.

Completing the workflow

Once they click the Sign PEAD button, Glide takes the Buyer Agent through a workflow. The workflow steps are shown here.

Locating completed PEAD forms

Glide posts Buyer Agent PEAD forms completed via the Property Portal link on the Visitors (PEAD) page. Click the Visitor Log menu tab in your listing transaction to see the document list.

Still have questions?

Checkout our PEAD FAQs here.

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