In this article, you learn how a buyer's agent can fill out the offer documents and send them for signature.

  • Glide offers multiple pathways for completing the offer forms. In this article we do not explain our MLS integration or the guided interface to help with completing the offers forms. Learn more about those advanced features here.

Before you start

Make sure you have a Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) in a folder in the Documents section.

  • In the image below, we have an RPA in the General folder.

While setting up a transaction for this article, we applied a template that auto-populated the RPA to the Documents section.

  • To learn more, watch the template video in the Help Center. It explains how to create a document template so that you can quickly and easily set up transactions.

If you don't use a template, click the Add Documents button on a folder and add an RPA from the C.A.R library.

Editing the purchase agreement

1. Click the RPA to open the document.

2. Scroll through the document, or use the sidebar menu to find and move to specific sections in the document.

3. To quickly locate actionable items, select a section tab and check box next to Only show sections with fillable terms.

4. Scan the document for pre-filled text.

  • The names of the buyers and agents, in addition to property information from the Party & Details section, are filled out from when you create the transaction.
  • Default text appears in the form if you added language to a purchase transaction template. Many agents use the same verbiage for a specific field on every offer package or listing agreement.

5. Finish editing the form by clicking yellow spaces and adding information.

  • Consult your attorney or broker if you have questions on how to best fill out this form.

6. Once you complete the offer package, click the Save button in the top right corner of the page.

7. Click the Sign button in the top right corner of the page to send the document for signature.

  • Click the Download button if your client prefers to provide a wet signature in person.

Selecting signature options

1. At the top of the Prepare Signature Package page, select one send tool: Glide Signatures or DocuSign.

  • Click here to learn more about Glide Signatures, our free electronic signature tool
  • Note that your own DocuSign account is required to use the integration

2. Check the first box if you want Glide to automatically add signature tabs to all the documents you send.

  • Check the second box if you want Glide to replace the original documents in the transaction folder with fully executed documents once the buyer signs them.

3. Verify the recipients.

  • Add or remove recipients (optional).

4. Assign the sign status of each recipient.

  • Click the Needs to Sign field and change a recipient to CC, so they are not added as a signing party (optional).

6. On the Preparation Tools page, review the documents for signature, initials, and date tabs.

Adding tabs

If required, add tabs for any signing party to the document.

1. On the left menu, click the arrow and select a party on the drop-down menu.

  • Each signing party name is color-coded.

Glide Signatures:

DocuSign :

2. Locate a place on the form that needs a signature, initials, or a date, and then drag the corresponding tab to that spot.

  • Release the mouse to place the tab in that location.

3. To move a tab, click and drag the tab.

Deleting a tab

To remove a tab, click the tab one time and then click Delete on the keyword.

Completing the review

1. After you complete the document review, click Continue.

2. On the next page, you have one last chance to review the package and make changes if required.

3. Glide sends the package for signature.

Glide Signatures: click Continue and receive notice of success

DocuSign: click Send and receive notice of success

Tracking the signature status

On the Documents page, the RPA is marked as "Waiting for signature."

To track the status of a document out for signature, click Signatures on the left menu.

In the Signature Requests section, you can see sent the RPA with the "Waiting for Others” status.

Emailing Completed Documents

Once the status of the package is signed, send the package to recipients.

  • Learn more about how to email documents from Glide here.
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