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How Listing Teams Share Received Offers with Sellers
How Listing Teams Share Received Offers with Sellers

Help your clients by providing a side-by-side display of the offers.

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In this article, listing agents learn how to share offers they’ve received from buyer agents with their sellers. We also show you the seller client dashboard.

To see what your client sees, watch this short video or scroll down to read the step-by-step instructions below.

As a Listing Agent, you have two powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to sharing offers with clients:

  • Present mode

  • Sharing in Client Workspace mode

Present mode

1. Click a transaction and go to the Offers page.

2. Click the Present button to create a side-by-side display.

  • This tool is perfect for video calls.

With a side-by-side display, you can walk through offers details with your sellers in a distraction-free, full-screen mode.

3. Use the buttons in the top right corner to change the view. You can select all offers, favorite, and archived.

  • Click the X button to close the Present mode.

Sharing in Client Workspace mode

Another option is to share offers with your sellers in their client workspace. This enables your sellers to explore received offers on their own time and at their own pace.

  • Some agents choose to share offers in the seller’s client workspace after they have had a chance to walk through offers once, enabling sellers to reference offers should the need arise after the initial walkthrough.

1. Open the Offers page and go to the Sharing Off toggle switch.

2. Click the button.

3. In the pop-up window, click the toggle and confirm the seller name and email address.

  • To modify the current seller, click the seller tab and edit the information in the window.

4. To add a new seller to the list, click the Add Seller tab and then Create a New Contact if this is a new person. Fill in the required fields.

5. You can add a message for your client.

6. Click Invite to ask your client to review the offers in Glide.

The client receives an email message with a link to view the offers on Glide.

Protecting offer privacy

What about protecting the privacy of the offer details?

  • Accessibility settings are within your control. You may enable your team members and clients to access offer details and documents or choose to keep them within your exclusive control.

  • Offer details won't change since buyers' agents cannot edit a submitted offer.

  • Details about existing offers are never shared with buyers' agents. In addition, buyers' agents cannot see any information about other offers; all they see is the property address and the Glide dashboard that lets them submit an offer to you.

  • Buyer agents cannot view or access the listing agent's notes on the offer.

Both the Present and Sharing in the Client Workspace modes only display notes that are public. Your private notes within your agent experience are not shown to sellers.

Reviewing shared offers in the client dashboard

Now let’s change the perspective and view shared offers as if we are the sellers.

1. The client opens the email message that you sent with an invitation to view the offers and clicks the See Offers link.

2. If your client has used Glide to complete their seller disclosure forms, they sign in with their password and access the Offers page.

If this is the first time to access Glide, your client needs to enter details (name, email address, and password) and then click Sign Up.

  • Our example demonstrates how to invite a client who has never used Glide before.

3. After the client logs in, the client scrolls through the Offers page.

That’s it. We're done.

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