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How to Upload Offers to the Listing Transaction
How to Upload Offers to the Listing Transaction

Listing teams can use Glide's secure platform to compare offers and share them with clients, even if the offer was not submitted in Glide.

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In this article, listing agents learn how to utilize Glide’s Offers Management tool in situations where a buyer’s agent has submitted an offer outside of Glide.

By adding the buyer agent's documents to your Glide Offers dashboard, you and your client can easily compare that offer with other offers.

Adding an offer manually

Here’s how you can add an offer manually to Glide.

1. On the Transactions page, click the transaction.

2. On the left menu, click the Offers button.

3. Click the Add Offer button.

4. Click the field and upload the offer package.

  • On this screen, you can also use the drag and drop tool to upload the completed RPA, pre-approval letter, and other supportive documents included in the offer package.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next: Transcribe Offer Details.

6. On the next page, verify the name of the buyer agent and buyer.

  • Click Create new contact and fill in the required fields if the names are not on the list.

7. Confirm important offer details.

The offer details summary supports a convenient display tool that helps listing teams present information in a convenient side-by-side fashion. That display tool can improve understanding and help clients make the best decision with the information at hand.

Though Glide uses advanced scanning technology to read offer package documents and auto-fill fields in the summary, the results are not perfect. Therefore, the listing team must manually verify every data field in the summary and enter data manually as required.

  • Make sure the details in the summary match the information in the offer package.

  • Review each page and click Apply Terms (where available).

  • To check the information in the offer package, click the View PDF button to open the file.

8. After you click Apply Terms, verify the data in the fields.

9. To manually change a figure, click a field, enter the correct information, and then click off the field.

  • Click Next to move to the next field on the page.

  • Note: the changes you make here should match the information in the offer package.

10. Continue to add the offer details manually as needed by clicking Next through the workflow.

11. Finish adding all offer details and a confirmation page displays.

  • You can add another offer or click Finish.

12. Click Finish. Glide returns to the Offers page.

That’s it. We’re done add the offer to your offers page.

You can now take actions on this offer even though it was not originally submitted to Glide by the other side.

Sharing offers with clients

The listing team can share offers with clients. As a Listing Agent, you have two powerful sharing tools:

  • Sharing in Client Workspace mode

  • Present mode

To learn more about sharing offers, click the link below and read:

Responding to offers

Once you have one or more offers, what's the next step? There are several possible responses to offers.

The agent can:

The steps for taking these three possible actions are described in different articles linked above. For more information, click a link to open an article.

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