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How to Verify Agent C.A.R. Membership
How to Verify Agent C.A.R. Membership

Agent Verification is one of the most important steps to properly set up your Glide account.

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In this article, you learn how to verify your C.A.R. agent membership on Glide.

Before you can access the C.A.R. and local form libraries, Glide verifies every Agent's active C.A.R. membership. Verification is a simple step that you need to complete one time to set up your account with full access to Glide.

Important update: Glide no longer uses the C.A.R. Single Sign On option to verify C.A.R. credentials. NRDS ID + Last name will verify your access. Learn more below.

How agents verify C.A.R. membership

Glide verifies your access to the C.A.R. form library with your assigned NRDS ID.

NRDS ID + Agent last name

When you create your Free Glide Agent account , you are prompted to provide your NRDS ID.

  1. Click "Continue" to finalize your account set up

2. Confirm your role and select "Continue"

3. Enter the NRDS ID and last name associated with your NAR membership and select "Verify"

TC / Assistant Verification

If you’re a Transaction Coordinator, Administrator, or Assistant working with one or more agents, you can verify your agents’ C.A.R. memberships and access the forms libraries on your agent’s behalf. In this case, the agent does not need to take any additional verification steps.

In this example, you learn how to verify credentials after sending a request to complete seller disclosures.

  • If you send a request to your sellers to complete their disclosures, you need to verify the agent’s C.A.R. membership before you can download the completed forms and send them for signature.

1. Locate the message at the top of the Transaction Overview page that displays two options for verification.

2. As a team member, you can select:

  • Remind the Agent by sending an email request for the Agent to enter the details, or

  • Other Verification Options to complete this step on behalf of the Agent.

Remind the Agent

If you select this option, you receive the following confirmation notice informing you that Glide has sent the reminder to the Agent.

Other Verification Options

If you select Other Verification Options, enter the Agent’s NRDS ID and last name and select "Verify" to confirm their C.A.R. membership.

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