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How to Download and Use Glide iOS App
How to Download and Use Glide iOS App

Manage transaction documents on your iPhone.

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In this article, you learn how to download the Glide Application for iOS. We also show you how to complete two key tasks on Glide:

Not an iOS user? Open any mobile web browser and sign in to Glide. A Glide android app is coming in 2022.

Downloading the iOS app

1. Go to the Apple App Store and download the Glide iOS App or click this link.

  • Search the keywords Glide Forms or Glide for Real Estate Agents

2. Install the app on your iPhone.

3. Click the app and sign in to your Glide account.

4. To sign in to your Glide account, enter your email.

5. Enter your password and click Continue.

6. If you don't remember your password, Glide can email you a "magic link" to confirm your account, or you can click Forgot password to reset it.

  • After signing in, the home page opens, which is where you find all your important workflows and documents.

Working with transactions

Let's explore some of the app functions.

1. Click a transaction on the home page, or look up the address in the search toolbar.

2. Once inside your transaction, click a menu tab to select the workflow you want to access.


In this example, we click the Disclosures tab to access each disclosure-related workflow, such as Request Seller Disclosures.

  • Select a workflow and move through the prompts like the desktop version.

Sending a package for e-signature

Once your disclosure package is ready, you can send the documents to a client for e-signature.

1. Click the Signatures menu tab and then New Signature Request.

2. Select either Glide Signatures (free) or Docusign.

  • In this example, we select Glide’s free e-sign platform, Glide Signatures.

3. Move through the e-signature workflow.

4. Review the document and then click Send.

  • Glide automatically adds signature, initials, and date tabs.

You learned how to download Glide’s new iOS app and use it to complete important tasks and workflows, like sending a disclosure package for e-signature.

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