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How to Use the Glide Auto-Splitter
How to Use the Glide Auto-Splitter

Quickly split large files into separate PDFs.

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In this article, agents and team members learn how to use Glide's auto-splitter.

Agents sometimes receive multiple documents merged into a single PDF. Glide makes it easy to review and label the contents of a merged document by automatically splitting it into separate forms.

Glide's splitter is a PDF editing tool that can extract forms from a merged file. Unlike common PDF editors, Glide recognizes split points for most standard real estate forms, with new ones added daily based on popular demand. That means agents don't need to extract a document page by page.

Selecting a merged document

The first step is to select a merged document.

Hover the mouse on the file, click the three-dot button, and then click Split.

Glide reads the package, recognizes all standard C.A.R. forms, and prepares to split them.

A list of individual forms displays on the left side of the Splitter page.

  • You can see form titles and number of pages.

Adding details

Scroll through the list and look for scanning errors. These forms have the title Specify filename in red. You need to fix these errors before splitting the document.

  • Sometimes Glide does not recognize certain pages. Perhaps the original scanned copy was low quality, or they are custom forms from brokerages or local advisories.

1. Click Specify a filename and then confirm the page range.

2. Click the New Document Name field and enter a unique filename.

  • When you start to type, the C.A.R. library drop-down menu displays. Choose a filename from that menu if you want.

3. Click the down arrow in the top left corner to close the black box.

4. Click the X in the top right corner to remove the page(s) from the split package.

5. After you correct all the unknown filenames, click the Split button at the bottom of the page.

  • In the bottom left corner, check the box to delete the original merged document after Glide splits it into separate files.

After Glide splits the merged file, the separate forms appear inside the original folder.

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