Covid-19 has resulted in countless challenges for agents across California. The CDC and DRE recommend real estate professionals abide by certain guidelines during the pandemic. Bakersfield MLS + Glide have teamed up to give you a fast and easy way to stay compliant and protect your clients.

Split form option

If more than one party is entering a property, Glide gives you two e-signing options. Agents and teams can:

  • add all signing parties to a single PEAD form, or

  • send each party a separate form to sign.

The best option in any given situation can depend on many factors, including the number of parties involved (e.g. the time it takes to collect all required e-signatures) and how the agent/team prefers to organize documents for an audit trail.

How do Bakersfield MLS + Glide work together?

Glide has created the first-of-its-kind integrated system that allows you to create, send, and manage PEAD forms across all of your listings and clients in a single place.

  • Rapattoni added a purple PEAD button with a Glide logo on each property listing.

When you click the PEAD link, Glide automatically pulls property address and agent information from the listing to pre-fill the PEAD-V form so you can easily send it to your clients.

  • After clicking on the link, the Buyer's Agent is redirected to Glide.

C.A.R. credentials

If the agent has not already been authenticated, the C.A.R. website opens.

  • If the agent is authenticated, skip this section.

The agent is asked one time to link to an existing Glide account or create a new one with C.A.R. SSO credentials.

After linking an existing account or creating a new one, the Buyer's Agent is directed to the Property Portal for this transaction. Every Glide listing transaction has a unique Property Portal from which PEAD forms can be completed and signed.

Creating a PEAD form

1. Select a buyer prospect from the existing list of contacts or click Create a new Buyer Prospect.

  • In this example, we create a new prospect.

2. Add the buyer agent.

3. Select a name from the list and then click Save.

  • To add a new name, click Create new contact.

4. Add additional agents (optional).

5. Identify buyers by clicking Add a Buyer and then adding parties from your list of contacts or creating a new contact.

6. Add additional buyers (optional).

7. Click Continue to go to the next step.

Adding properties

The property address is automatically added to the form from the listing page.

1. Add additional information if you are showing multiple properties to a potential home buyer(s).

2. Add Other Entrants, such as an inspector (if applicable).

Split form option

To send each party a separate form for e-signature, check the box and then click Continue.

  • The default setting is an unchecked box. That means up to three parties can sign one form for each property.

Completing the form

1. On the next page, add exceptions to the representation (optional). When you finish, click Continue.

  • If you need help completing this section, talk to your attorney or broker.

2. Click Send for Signature after Glide generates the PDFs.

  • If the forms do not generate, make sure you verify your C.A.R. credentials.

  • You can download the unsigned PEAD forms to send via email or print (optional).

Split form option

If you decide to generate separate forms, Glide creates one PEAD for each party. Each PEAD form covers multiple property entrances.

Sending documents for signature

You have two options to send documents for e-signature: Glide Signatures and DocuSign.

  • We show you both options.

Using Glide Signatures

1. Check the circle next to Glide Signatures and click Continue.

2. On the next page, add a message or change the email subject if you want.

3. Click Continue.

  • An email message is sent with a request to sign the form.

  • Glide returns to the PEAD page.

Using DocuSign

1. Check the circle next to DocuSign and click Continue.

  • If your DocuSign account is not synced with Glide, click Link Account and enter your DocuSign account credentials.

2. On the next page, add a message or change the email subject if you want.

3. Review the documents.

  • All PEAD documents for the addresses previously entered are included within the DocuSign envelope, with each party identified for your final review.

  • Add recipients (optional).

  • Add a custom note (optional).

4. After you finish the review, click Next.

5. On the next page, check the signature, date, and initial tabs. These tabs are placed automatically in the relevant form locations.

6. After you finish the review, click Send. DocuSign sends the envelopes to the recipients.

Split form option

If you use the split form option, DocuSign displays one form for each party. Review each form as described above.

Tracking the documents

After you send the document for signature (using Glides Signatures or DocuSign), Glide returns to the PEAD Requests page.

You can check the signature status of your PEAD forms anytime on the Buyer Prospect Overview page.

  • Under Quick Access, the red banner tells us the PEAD forms are not signed. The status changes to green once fully signed.

  • Documents signed via Glide's DocuSign integration automatically return to your Buyer Prospect Overview page.

Click the box Quick Access box to get details.

  • You can re-send the forms for signature or archive the documents.

  • Scroll down the page to check the status.

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