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How to Import Contacts from Google
How to Import Contacts from Google

Build your contact list within Glide to reduce time spent on manual entries.

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In this article, you learn how to import Google Contacts into your Glide account. Google Contacts is a free contact management tool that comes with your Gmail account.

  • To access your Google Contacts account, click the Google app icon and scroll down to the Contacts icon.

Opening the Glide Contacts page

The first step is to open Glide's Address Book page.

1. On the Glide home page, click the Glide icon and select Account Settings.

2. On the left menu, click Address Book.

3. Below the Glide icon, click the Import button.

The Import Google Contacts popup window displays.

  • Make sure you leave this page open while you complete the next step.

Linking accounts

The next step is to link Google Contacts with your Glide account.

1. Select a Google account on the popup window.

2. On the access popup window, read the terms and click Allow.

  • After you click Allow, this popup window closes.

3. Return to the browser tab with your open Glide webpage and click the Import Contacts button.

  • The Import Google Contacts popup window shows the linked account.

  • Glide imports your contact information.

Updating your address book

If you add new people to Google Contacts, Glide does not update your address book automatically. Fortunately, updates are easy.

1. Go to the Glide Address Book page and click Import.

2. Click Import Contacts on the popup window.

  • The accounts are already linked.

  • Glide imports your new Google contacts.

Deleting a contact

To remove a contact from your address book:

1. Check the box next to the contact name(s).

2. Click Delete on the action bar and then OK in the confirmation popup window.

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