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1. How does PEAD work on Glide?

Glide uses your saved transaction and contact details to pre-fill much of the PDF. You, or others, can quickly input the remaining information and sign the form.

  • As a Listing Agent, you can manage all PEAD forms within each transaction to keep an up-to-date entrant log proving compliance.

  • As a Buyer's Agent, you can prove compliance with our Buyer Prospect log.

Training and Guides

(1) Check out our step-by-step instructional articles and videos on how to use Glide for PEAD - HERE

(2) Check out our step-by-step instructional articles on how your MLS connects with Glide to simplify the PEAD workflow - HERE

(3) Attend a live webinar training on how to use Glide for disclosure forms, hosted by Glide twice a week - register HERE

2. How is Glide different from zipForm?

Glide automates the process for filling out PEAD forms by integrating with the MLS to gather listing details. We also use information from existing Glide transactions and allow other parties to add details. By sourcing required information, you can complete PEAD-V forms in Glide with a couple of clicks. In addition, Glide lets you complete multiple PDFs for the same visitor or property at the same time.

3. Does Glide use the most up-to-date PEAD-V form?

Yes, we work closely with C.A.R. to ensure that Glide users receive the most recent version of all C.A.R. documents, including the PEAD-V form.

4. Are completed PEAD-V documents electronically signed in Glide?

Yes, Glide provides a free electronic signature option, Glide Signatures, and integrates with Docusign as a second option for sending signature requests. Regardless of your method of choice, you will receive fully executed documents back into your Glide account.

How does this work?

Click the Send for Signature button after generating the PEAD PDFs. You can also return to the file at a later date to send the signature requests.

Benefit from Glide's Auto-tabbing on Glide Signatures and Docusign

Glide pulls party details and automatically places the information on the envelope recipient's page. All signature and initials tabs are automatically identified in proper placement for each signer.

All you need to do is review the document and click the Send button.

Not a Docusign user?

That's okay! You can use Glide Signatures for free!

More information about Glide's new, free electronic signature feature is available HERE.

5. As a Listing Agent, if the Buyer's Agent accesses the Glide link for PEAD from the MLS, what happens next?

After clicking the Glide link in the MLS, the Buyer's Agent inputs the remaining details about the prospective buyer(s) and sends the form to them for signature, as shown here.

The Buyer's Agent can include you (the Listing Agent) as a recipient of the completed form sent via email. If the Buyer's Agent sends the form for signature using Glide's Docusign integration, the completed PEAD form is automatically placed into the Listing Agent's PEAD Documents section for this Glide transaction, as shown below.

6. As a Listing Agent, do I need to download the PEAD PDF provided by the Buyer's Agent via the MLS listing link?

No, you don't - if the Buyer's Agent sends the form(s) for signature using Glide Signatures or Glide's Docusign integration. In this situation, signed PEAD form(s) are automatically placed into the Listing Agent's PEAD Documents section for this Glide transaction.

If the Buyer's Agent sends the form(s) for signature using another e-signature platform outside of Gide, the PEAD file does not automatically show up in your Glide account. However, you can download and import signed PEAD forms into your Glide transaction.

To import a signed document, click the Upload a signed PEAD button.

7. As a TC, where can I see that the prospective buyer's completed PEAD form was sent to the listing agent?

If the Agent accessed the PEAD form from the MLS link and sent the document to the prospective buyer via Glide Signatures or Docusign, then it is automatically imported into the PEADs Docs section of that transaction.

8. Do I need to create a Glide account?

Yes, you need to create a free account to use Glide. See this article for additional instructions.

Please keep in mind -- you need to be an active Realtor or working on behalf of an active Realtor with a license to the C.A.R. forms library to generate forms PDFs.

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