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How to Edit the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)
How to Edit the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)

Update property observation text and photos.

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Before you start

Agents and team members can avoid potential editing problems with some background information about AVID forms.

There are two ways to create and edit an AVID: use the workflow tool or fill an AVID from your C.A.R. Library.

Disclosures Workflow

We generally recommend the workflow option. The step-by-step process is easy to follow and you can quickly add images and automatically generate Text Overflow Addenda if applicable. Plus, the workflow works on all devices. That means you can create an AVID on your phone while visiting a property.

After you create an AVID with the workflow tool, Glides saves the file as a PDF in a transaction folder.

  • To edit the text or images in this form, open the AVID in the Disclosures Workflow, revise the relevant sections and regenerate the PDF. It is not possible to edit a PDF file created by the workflow option.

Import from C.A.R. Library to Fill Form

The other option is to import an AVID form from the C.A.R. library into your transaction. Use this option to save a fillable PDF form to a transaction folder. Click the filename to open the form and add text. Click the Save button to keep changes.

If you plan on adding images to the AVID, we suggest you do NOT use the import from C.A.R. library option. This option is designed for filling in text but not for adding images. If your AVID needs photos, we recommend the Disclosures Workflow option.

  • To edit text in a saved AVID form, go to the transaction folder, click the filename, and make changes to the fillable fields.

  • Remember, it is not possible to edit an AVID form PDF that was generated using the Disclosures Workflow (explained in the section above). You will open the Disclosures Workflow, revise and regenerate the PDF (explained in the section below).

Editing a Property Observation Using the Disclosures Workflow

In this example, we use the Workflow to edit a property observation in an AVID form.

  • In this scenario, we visit a property and take a picture of a window in the kitchen. Accidentally, we save the image and text entry in a bedroom section of the AVID. We want to move that information to the kitchen section of the form.

1. Select the transaction, open the Disclosures page, and click the AVID box.

2. On the AVID page, locate the form and click Edit.

3. On the Property observations page, locate the entry with the error and click Edit.

4. Click the image and save the file to your device. It's not possible to move an image. You have to download and then upload a picture.

  • Use the right-click tool on a Windows system or control-click on a Mac.

5. Copy the text in the entry and click Cancel.

6. On the Property observations page, click Add New.

7. On the Add Property Observations page, select a room.

  • We select Kitchen.

8. On the Kitchen page, paste the text entry and then click Attach files.

  • Upload the image you saved in a previous step.

9. After the image uploads, click Save.

Removing the incorrect entry

1. On the Property observations page, locate the room with the incorrect entry and click Edit.

2. Click Delete and then OK in the confirmation popup box.

  • The correct property observations now display on the AVID.

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