This C.A.R. Glide certification provides a win-win opportunity.

Upgrading your skills

Participants who successfully complete this online training program have an in-depth understanding of Glide's technology. They use this knowledge to help agents and teams save time, communicate more effectively, and streamline workflows.

At the end of the workshop, trainers can confidently demonstrate how to use four Glide products:

  1. Transactions

  2. Disclosures

  3. Offers

  4. Glide Signatures

Becoming a technology trainer

The C.A.R. Glide certified trainer program is a growth opportunity for those who love technology and enjoy helping others succeed by teaching agents, brokers, and TCs the ins and outs of Glide.

More information

The C.A.R Glide training workshop is a live, three-hour online webinar. Click here to learn more and see a schedule of upcoming events.

To register for a webinar, click here.

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