Everything you need to know to get started using Glide can be found in this article. Follow the steps laid out for this self-learning training package to ensure you are up to date on all that Glide has to offer.

STEP 1: Start by reading our list of Webinar FAQs found HERE to get answers to some of the questions you may already have regarding Glide.

STEP 2: Register for one or more of our live webinars HERE to learn about how to use Glide's platform.

STEP 3: If you can't attend our live webinars, you can watch recordings of our webinars HERE to get a general idea of how to use Glide.

STEP 4: Watch our topic based videos HERE for more in depth detail on Glide's features.

STEP 5: Download and Print our 1-Pagers HERE for a handheld printout with step by step instructions for many of the commonly used features in Glide.

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