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How to Schedule the AVID Invite to Send at a Later Time
How to Schedule the AVID Invite to Send at a Later Time

Help your agents stay organized by sending out forms when needed

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This article shows TCs and team members how to send agents an AVID invite at a specific date and time in the future. This handy Glide tool helps teams stay organized by streamlining document management.

Scheduling the delivery of an AVID invite is a three-step process:

1. download an AVID form

2. invite the agent

3. schedule a delivery date and time

Downloading an AVID form

1. On the Glide home page, select a transaction.

2. On the left menu, click Documents.

3. On the General folder, click the plus (+) icon and then select Add from Library on the drop-down menu.

4. Enter AVID in the search bar, check the box next to the filename, and click the Add Document button.

  • Glide downloads the file to the General folder.

Inviting an agent

The next step is to invite an agent to complete the AVID.

1. On the left menu, click Disclosures.

2. If not already selected, click the Package Docs menu tab.

3. Click the Fill or Invite Agent link.

4. On the Create AVID page, select Invite Agent and then click Continue.

5. Answer the question about multi-family dwellings and then click Continue.

  • In this example, we select No.

6. On the Send an invitation page, select the message type (email, SMS, or both) and recipient.

7. Scroll down the page and confirm the agent's name.

Confirm email

If you select email, confirm the subject and message.

  • You can modify the email subject and message (optional).

Confirm phone number

If you select SMS, confirm the phone number and text message.

  • You can modify the number and text message (optional).

Confirm both

If you select both email and SMS, confirm all send and message information.

Scheduling the invitation

The final step is to schedule a date and time to send the invitation.

1. At the bottom of the page, click the Send Later button.

2. On the next page, click the fields to set a date and time to send the message(s).

3. Click the Send button.

Checking the status of the invitation

To check the status of an AVID invitation, go to the Disclosures page.

  • To view the activity log, click the Fill or Invite Agent link.

Created displays when the invite is sent, but the agent has not started to complete the form.

Started displays when the agent clicks the link in the message and opens the AVID workflow.

Ready To Generate displays when the agent works on the AVID workflow.

Completed displays when the agent clicks the Finish button.

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