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How to Reject an Offer

Use Glide to notify buyer agents that you've turned down the offer

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So you've received an offer from a prospective buyer and their agent through Glide. What happens next? One option is to reject the offer.

Here's how.

Opening the offer

The first step is to open the offer.

1. Open the transaction and click Offers on the left menu.

2. On the Offers page, click the offer you want to reject.

3. On the Offer Profile page, click the Reject button.

Rejecting the offer

The next step is to reject an offer formally.

1. On the Reject Offer page, verify the contact information.

  • Add a message to the email (optional).

2. Click the Send button.

  • After you click Send, the Reject notification cannot be reversed.

Listing-side status changes

After Glides sends the email, the offer status on the listing team's page changes to Rejected.

  • This action also appears on the Activity log.

Buyer-side status

The offer status also changes on the buyer-side.

  • This action also appears on the buyer team's Activity log.

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