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I want to submit an offer but Glide can't find the offer package
I want to submit an offer but Glide can't find the offer package

Help with finding your completed offer package

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The buyer team has a signed RPA and is ready to submit the offer to the listing agent via Glide, but you can't locate the offer package in your folder.

Looking at the problem

1. Your team is ready to submit an offer.

2. On the next page, you select Add from transaction because the RPA is in the General folder in the Glide purchase transaction.

3. On the Add Documents page, the General folder is empty.

4. To double-check the folder contents, click Documents on the left menu. The General folder is empty.


The solution is to locate the signed RPA package in the Activity log, download the file(s), and then upload the file(s) to the General folder. After you upload the package, continue with the submit offer workflow.

Downloading the offer package

1. Click Activity on the left menu.

2. On the Activity Log page, locate the most recent version of the RPA pdf.

  • Open the file and verify it is the most recent version with accurate information and signatures. If you can't find the current version, your team must recreate a new offer.

3. Right-click the most recent version with a green plus (+) icon and save the file to your device.

Uploading the offer package

1. On the left menu, click Overview and then click Submitted Offer under the Quick Access heading.

2. On the Offer Package page, click Upload from Computer.

3. Locate the RPA on your device and upload.

  • The file is on the Offer Package page.

4. Open the package and verify offer details and signatures.

  • At this stage, it is not possible to edit the offer package. If changes are needed, the buyer team must create a new offer package and send it out for signature.

5. To continue the offer submit workflow, click the Next: Prepare Offer Email button at the bottom of the page.

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