The buyer team can't open the submit page with the listing team's portal link.

  • An error message displays and the web page freezes.


This problem can occur if the buyer team stops and starts an offer submission.

To resolve the problem, remove the listing agent and seller names from the buyer agent's Details & Parties page.

1. Close the browser tab with the portal link.

2. Click Leave Page on the popup box.

3. Go to the Transactions page and click the purchase transaction.

4. Click Details & Parties on the left menu.

5. Open the Details & Parties tab and remove the listing agent(s) and seller(s) names.

  • Click the three-dot button and select Remove on the drop-down menu.

  • After you remove listing side names, the Details & Parties tab lists only buy-side names.

6. Open a new browser tab and paste the listing agent's portal link into the URL field.

  • The submit offer workflow should now proceed normally.

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