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How to Track the Offer Status
How to Track the Offer Status

Opt to receive instant updates via text, email or both.

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This article shows buyer's agents and teams how to track the status of an offer sent to a listing agent on Glide. Status updates track the initial offer submission to the final decision.

Glide provides three update channels:

  • Emails

  • SMS messages

  • Glide account updates

Email updates

Glide sends the buyer's agent an email notification when important changes take place. The email includes a link to the transaction's Offer Package page on Glide.

Glide sends emails to confirm:

  • offer submissions

  • receipt of counteroffers

  • counteroffers sent by the buyer team

  • notices of offer acceptance

  • notices of offer rejection

Receive SMS updates

Agents can opt in to receive instant offer updates through SMS notifications by checking the Confidence Booster box .

This option is available to buyer's agents on the Submit Offer page.

As well as all agents on the Submit Counteroffer page.

  • By making this selection, you authorize Glide to send notifications for key actions taken by the other side, including viewing, rejecting, accepting or countering the offer.

  • You may opt out of receiving SMS notifications at any time by replying "STOP"

Tracking status online

In addition to emails and the SMS option, buyer agents can track status changes by monitoring information on the transaction Offer Package page:

  • The current status displays at the top of the page.

  • The Activity log at the bottom of the page shows specific actions.

Selecting the preferred email delivery option

To enable Glide's ability to track offers activity and keep you informed, you should check the By Email Link delivery option box on the Submit Offer page.

If the buyer team selects the By Email Attachment option, Glide cannot track progress or provide online transaction updates.

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