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Grant Outlook Admin Access to Glide
Grant Outlook Admin Access to Glide

Connect Outlook and Glide accounts.

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In this article, enterprise Outlook administrators learn how to enable access to Glide. After permissions are set, Glide users can access their Outlook account.

Setting permissions

2. Search for the Azure Active Directory and then click to open the directory.

3. Scroll down the left menu and click Enterprise applications.

4. Click Glide in the list of applications.

5. Scroll down to the Security heading and click Permissions.

6. On the Permissions page, click the Grant admin consent for button.

7. Click the Refresh button on the top menu.

  • You should see a list of permissions similar to the list in the image below. If your page looks different, click the Grant admin consent for button again.

Now your Outlook users can connect their accounts to their Glide accounts.

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