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How to Add Read-Only Text Annotations to a Document
How to Add Read-Only Text Annotations to a Document

Add extra information to help clients complete forms.

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In this article, agents and teams learn how to use Glide's Annotation tool. This tool allows the sender to add extra information to a document, clarify complex language, and help streamline the signature workflow by anticipating possible client questions.

The document sender (e.g. agents and teams) can add text annotations to a PDF before emailing the document link to the receiver. Once sent, it is not possible to remove the annotations from the document - that includes the original sender and all receiving parties.

  • Text annotations are visible to every party that views the document.

Locating the text annotation tool

This tool is part of the e-signature guided workflow. You cannot access the annotation tool by opening a file in Read-Only mode.

Adding annotations

1. Select a document that needs a signature and move through the signature request workflow.

  • In this example, we select a Residential Listing Agreement.

2. Select the Glide Signatures option.

3. On the Preparations Tool page, scroll down past the tabs to the Annotate PDF heading.

<<there are two sets of annotation tools on this page. what's the difference?>>

Adding a textbox

Adding text is a two-step process.

1. Drag the Text icon onto the document.

  • The dark background of the textbox shows you the areas of the text field and does not appear on the saved document.

2. To reposition the text, click the box and drag it to the preferred location.

3. Click the box one time to open the text field on the right side of the screen.

  • Enter the text.

4. Click the textbox and then drag a corner to resize the height and width of the box.

  • Drag the box to adjust the position as required.

5. Click the blue button with a plus sign(+) to make a copy of the textbox.

Completing the form and signature request

After you finish adding text annotations, click Continue and complete the e-signature workflow.

  • The client receives the document with the text annotation.

Deleting a textbox

To remove a textbox before sending the document for e-signature, click the box one time and then hit the Delete button on the keyboard.

  • Click OK on the confirmation popup window.

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