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Updated Login Procedure for C.A.R. Members
Updated Login Procedure for C.A.R. Members

Important update: Glide no longer uses the C.A.R. Single Sign On option

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Agent Access to Glide Remains the Same

While Glide is no longer a C.A.R. member benefit, Glide will continue to provide our services free-of-charge to C.A.R. members.

Logging in to Glide

What may be different, however, is how you login and access your Glide account.

  • If you were previously logging into Glide through C.A.R., you will now need to do so through and add a password to your account.

  1. Select "Continue with C.A.R."

2. You will be prompted to create a new password for your Glide account (not to be confused with your CAR account).

  • Enter the email associated with your C.A.R. and Glide accounts and select "Send me instructions". Thereafter, you will receive an email with a link to create a new password for your Glide account.

3. After creating a new password, visit the Glide Login page available on our website and linked below.

4. Sign in by entering your email in the text box below the SSO options and selecting "Next."

5. Enter your new password and select "Sign in."

How agents verify C.A.R. membership

If you previously verified your C.A.R. membership via C.A.R. SSO, you will have a one-time additional step to re-verify your membership.

Glide verifies your access to the C.A.R. form library with your assigned NRDS ID + Agent last name.

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