Here is a problem that listing agents and teams sometimes encounter with disclosure forms. The transaction has two sellers. The listing team sends each seller an invitation to complete the disclosure package.

Only one seller party receives the email invitation with a link to the online disclosure package.

Potential cause

The cause of the problem might be duplicate email addresses. If two sellers for the same transaction have the same email address, only one party receives the email message with a link to the disclosure package.

Possible solution

Re-check each seller's email address and remove duplicates.

1. Open the transaction's Details & Parties tab and check the email address for each seller.

2. Click the three-dot button and select Edit.

3. Update the information on the Contact page with the correct seller email address and click Save.

Resending the disclosure invitation

1. Click the three-dot button and then click Resend invite.

  • The seller receives the email and link to the disclosure package.

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